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About the Centre

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The Centre supports innovative Humanities-based interdisciplinary scholarship and creative

work through its unique Humanities Ph.D. Program as well as through public lectures, conferences, seminars, and working groups.  


The Centre is a new unit at Concordia University. The Centre was initially proposed in 2003 by new faculty at Concordia who recognized the importance of interdisciplinary exchange in the humanities. Their proposal resulted in the creation of the Centre in 2007 by the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The Centre was created to enable interdisciplinary conversations and scholarship and to be the focal point for Concordia's already existing strong tradition of innovation and interdisciplinary work. The Centre is unique to Quebec and one of a very small number of such centres in Canada. Furthermore, the Centre is the new home of Concordia's highly innovative PhD in Humanities Program, which was inaugurated at Concordia in 1973. The Centre carries forward in a new form the spirit of the Humanities, a broad field of inquiry that was interdisciplinary before the term was coined. The Centre supports a wide spectrum of research initiatives based in productive cross-fertilizations among scholars in different fields related to society and culture in an expanded notion of the Humanities.


The Centre's mission is to highlight and move to the forefront Concordia's leading contributions to Humanities-oriented scholarship in Canada. It provides opportunities for faculty and students in the humanities, fine arts, and cognate fields to meet and collaborate. Unique in Québec, the Centre's role is to create new synergies between research and graduate teaching, promote outstanding scholarship, and forge partnerships with the wider communities of which Concordia is part.

The Centre is inclusive and welcomes scholars and partners in domains beyond the humanities committed to a humanist perspective on knowledge, creation, and expression in human cultures past and present.

As vectors of language, religion, history, philosophy, culture and media, the humanities disciplines are uniquely positioned to interpret a world in perpetual transition. The profound and diverse challenges of the 21st century place a premium on precisely the kinds of creative conceptually based and historically grounded thinking that humanities disciplines encourage and are singularly poised to communicate. The Centre's crucial role in this context is to foster social interaction and encourage professional communication among researchers and graduate students. The Centre's role is to complement and be an ally of Concordia's innovative departments and graduate programs in the humanities. Through its activities and its PhD program in Humanities, the Centre is a gathering point for ideas and a locus of interdisciplinary research and study that will make the whole of humanities-oriented scholarship at Concordia greater than the sum of its parts.

Marcie Frank,

CISSC Director


Concordia University