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Working Groups for 2013 - 2014

Curatorial Theory & Practice

Organizer, Erica Lehrer, History and Social & Anthropology

Annette Bhagwati, Art History

Sandeep Bhagwati, Matralab

Shelley Butler, CEREV affiliate

Lon Dubinsky, Fine Arts

David Howes, Sociology & Anthropology

Heather Igloliorte, Art History

Alice Jim, Arty History

Martha Langford, Art History

Erica Lehrer, History & Social Anthropology

Krista Lynes, Communication Studies

Florencia Marchetti, Student Coordinator

Jake Moore, FOFA Gallery

Monica Patterson, Banting Postdoctoral Fellow

Chris Salter, Design & Computation Arts

Haidee Wasson, Film Studies

Anne Whitelaw, Art History

Early Modern Projects

Organizer, Ted McCormick, History

Travis D. Smith, Political Science

Jarrett Carty, Liberal Arts College

Meredith Evans, English

Ted McCormick, History

Kevin Pask, English

Justin E.H. Smith, Philosophy

Danielle Bobker, English

Jonathan Meakins, Art History

Ed King, Political Science

Jason Zuidema, Theological Studies

Andrea Gondos, Ph.D. Candidate, Religion

Anya Zilberstein, History

Tobias F. Gittes, Liberal Arts College

Shannon McSheffrey, History

Ira Robinson, Religion

Nora E. Jaffary, History

Matthew Barker, Philosophy

Matthew Flanagan, Political Science

Fred Krantz, Liberal Arts College

Dario Brancato, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Bradely Nelson, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Decolonial Theory

Organizer, Ted Rutland, Geog., Planning, and Environment

 Rachel Berger, History

Gada Mahrouse, Simone de Beauvoir

Kevin Gould, Geog., Planning, and Environment

Nasrin Himada, Ph.D. candidate, Humanities

Sarwat Viquar, Ph.D. candidate, SIP

Gregory Rodreguez-Arbolay, Ph.D. candidate, Humanities

 Transnational Cultural Flow


Luca Caminati, Cinema and Andrew Ivaska, History

Kay Dickinson, Film Studies

Krista Lynes, Communication Studies

Setrag Manoukian, Anthropology, McGill

Elena Razlogova, History

Masha Salazkina, Film Studies

John Zeppetelli, Curator, DHC ART, Montreal


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